Contemporary Editions presents a new series of limited edition prints marrying the world of interiors and design with contemporary Australian art. We invite interior designers, stylists and creatives into the studios of some of Australia’s most prominent artists. Together, they select an artwork to be reproduced for contemporary editions.

John Nicholson
The Vanishing, 2016

'I love John's eccentric sense of colour and form and they way he manipulates both to achieve new perspectives. His work feels architectural ... [and] activates the environment they are placed into. I have used his work in several projects - both residential and commercial - and it never ceases to surprise ... dynamic punches of colour and distinct sculptural forms ... invigorate the spaces they inhabit.

David Flack is the director of Flack Studio, an interior architecture and design practice based in Melbourne.

Sally Ross
Landscape (Spinney), 2016

‘Over the years I’ve kept an eye on Sally’s practice and have seen her develop a clear and refined approach … it's the strong graphic representations of landscapes and portraits, the tonal colour schemes and the ambiguous subject matter. To me her paintings are evocative of a sense of place and time rather than a true representation. Are we looking at an actual or imagined landscape?’

Hamish Guthrie is the director of Hecker Guthrie a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Melbourne.

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Robert Malherbe 
Back of Nude, 2016

‘When I first saw Robert’s work it made me stop in my tracks and go in close, and once in I felt immediately consoled by their inherent intimacy but also the lather he seems to get himself into getting the job done. Peaceful yet frenetic he manages to be able to accurately map the mood of his subjects, not just their profiles or appearances. And it’s this energy I love, along with the obvious deep appreciation he has for women. Over the years I have seen the work hung in many different interiors – and noticed their potency. They stand out in amongst a full salon hang as dignified as they do as the only piece in reduced minimal house’.

Megan Morton is one of Australia’s best-known stylists. She has written three books on the topic and her work has featured in Australian and international design magazines.

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